How It Works

After Booking with Us, you will get a confirmation and some instructions to guide you step by step on planning your big day, in those instructions will request a best email or cellphone number for us to send you a link a day prior your event, where you will have access to REAL-TIME location of your bartender and all the futures, CARMINE offers. 

The Tracker

In a vehicle, a GPS tracker generates location data from satellite data. It will also connect to the vehicle’s computer to record speed, hard braking, hard acceleration, check engine codes and fuel level. Always know where we are and have control at all times.

Benefits For Clients

With many horror stories about vendors flaking or just making excuses on why they can't be on time, it's understandable for you to be concerned. Here at Prestige SJ we feel it is unacceptable for clients who rely on companies that can't deliver service on some of the most special and important days of their lives. For this reason, we have come up with a solution that offers you what you need most.... peace of mind!

Stop worrying about bartenders making it on time and have the opportunity to focus on your big day. Carmine is a tracking device in our vehicles, that can show you REAL-TIME Location, Speed, Stops and Arrival of your Bartender/s.  Enjoy the peace of mind in knowing when your Prestige bartenders leave our location and check their progress on the way to your venue directly on your cellphone or by email.

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